His mother’s possessions

Drawers full of chargers for old phones, broken pens, shop business cards. Old newspapers. A broken thermometer. A garlic press, a grater, and a – what’s it called? – we laughed at that word, it featured in so many recipes for a time: a quirl whisk. A quirl whisk. Things…

Eco Efforts

As the makers of a paper-based product we’ve been thinking about our impact on the environment and would like to share what we and our suppliers are doing to try and mitigate that. And we thought what better way to illustrate that than with little plastic bricks…. oops.

Shop Finder

Use our handy map to plan your next day out. You can be safe in the knowledge that here at CC we’ve visited every one of the shops listed here and know them to be welcoming, open and full of great antiques, vintage and collectables.