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I was already many years an adult when I first visited Portobello Road. Bedknobs and Broomsticks had given me false expectations, it should have been obvious really that I wasn’t going to stumble into a dingy wartime alleyway with an air of Victorian underworld about it. To be fair, it…

Not for reading

Fake books and their hidden contents. I think the idea of fake books is right up there with priest holes in Tudor buildings. Chopping out the middle of an old book to hide some trinket inside is something many of us probably tried as children, before realising it was quite…

Love letter from Italy

A story of emigration and Italian values in tinplate packaging Italian Olive Oil Tins 1860-1960 is a book as specific and focused as its title suggests. The book displays the fruits of Tiziana Riva Guatelli's lifelong passion and collection of tins and original lithographic artworks.