Vintique Limited

Here’s a look inside Vintique Limited in Weedon Bec, with photos taken at various times, the most recent being the date at the top of this page. You’ll find Vintique Limited at The Royal Ordance Depot, Weedon Bec, Northamptonshire, NN7 4PS.

Mythology and mystique

Just as the magic carpet in the Persian tale The Three Princes and the Princess Nouronnihar (from One Thousand and One Nights) could transport its owner across distant lands, the real-world Persian carpet holds the power to do the same through its design and motifs.

A bit about the boteh

More widely known in the UK as ‘paisley’ the boteh motif dates back thousands of years to the ancient Persian Empire. It adorns the columns of the 9th century Noh Gonbad Mosque and is present on the crowns and clothing of Persian kings in numerous portraits.

Not for reading

Fake books and their hidden contents. I think the idea of fake books is right up there with priest holes in Tudor buildings. Chopping out the middle of an old book to hide some trinket inside is something many of us probably tried as children, before realising it was quite…

Guess the auction price (Winter 2021)

Featured below are a selection of lots sold at Bainbridges of Ruislip sales held this year. Purely for amusement, try to guess the hammer price (pre-27% commission & VAT) at which they were sold. Answers at the end. A 9ct gold and three-stone brooch, a green stone single-stone ring and…

Gdad’s Collectables

Here’s a look at Gdad’s Collectables in Milton Keynes, with photos taken at various times, the most recent being the date at the top of this page. Gdad’s Collectables can be found at Unit 6B, Pineham Farm, Haversham, Milton Keynes MK19 7DP.

A road trip: South Beds by South East

Today’s outing takes in two antiques shops and two collectables shops, with country drives along the way. Depending on location and the type of antiques you’re into, you may want to consider just the first half of this day (Woburn to Ampthill) or the second half (Hitchin to Crews Hill).